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QURAN 37: 139 - 148

[] 37.  THE RANKS     ( al Swaaf faat )
With the name of Allah, the Magnanimous, the Merciful.

139. And surely Yunus was from the messengers,
140. when he rushed to the packed ark,
141. so he bet,
 so he was from the castaways;
142. so the whale swallowed him,
 and he was condemned;
143. so if it was not that he was from the glorifiers,
144. he would linger in its belly to the Day of resurrection;
145. so We flung him with the wilderness,
 and he was heartbroken,
146. and we grew a tree from a gourd upon him,
147. and We sent him to a hundred thousand, or an increase,
148. so they believed;
 - so We let them enjoy for a while. 

translation: © farouk asvat (2001 - 2016)
                        Biblical equivalent       Quranic name
Yunus              Jonah                            (Yuw nus)
                            Arabic                          English
(1)                       ra suwl                          messenger
(2)                       muD Ha Dwiyn            castaway
(3)                       Huw ta[n]                     whale
(4)                       la bits ta                        linger
(5)                       yaQ Ttiyn                     gourd
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